We believe that healthcare is a human right. Thus, we support universal, single-payer healthcare of the highest quality. We are the wealthiest nation in human history, all people deserve access not just to basic healthcare, but to preventative care, reproductive care, prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, hearing care, durable medical equipment, in-home services, long term care and mental health services. Healthcare is critical to a person’s right to live. All people will one day need healthcare to survive, and to deny them healthcare for any reason is to condemn them to suffering and death, which constitutes unjustifiable violence. The goal of universal healthcare requires not only addressing financial access, but physical access to individuals in rural areas, and thus we support investment in rural healthcare. We support medical autonomy, and the right of patients to choose their medical procedures, physicians, and long-term care options. A person’s healthcare should be between them and their physician including but not limited to a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion and contraceptive services.

We are committed to support doing everything in our power to address, mitigate, and even reverse anthropogenic climate change. We accept the scientific consensus that climate change is happening and caused by humans, and we demand that climate change be treated as an immediate, existential threat to all people currently alive. This is not solely a problem for our children, it is a problem for all people on the planet. While some credible scientific models give us more time than others, it is imperative that we act as though the deadline for action were today, as to underreact is far worse than to overreact. The problems of climate change cannot be separated from the wasteful and insidious economic system that created them. We cannot address this issue without also addressing the exploitation of workers, the marginalization of women, and the pillaging of the Global South. The solution to climate change will come not from some new technology, or some individual savior, but from global solidarity and a total overhaul of humanity’s relationship with the planet. Our task will not be an easy one, but we believe in the ability of humanity to come together and meet this crisis. We must, for if we fail, we will perish.

We believe Washingtonians need to invest in fixing crumbling infrastructure and in the development and expansion of mass transportation. We believe that all utilities that serve the general public should be truly public and should never be privatized. We support the continued expansion of high-speed internet and cellphone coverage throughout Washington. Internet access is increasingly crucial to success both in education and the workforce. Therefore, the Internet should be a public utility. The potential health risks of 5G technology must be credibly researched, and the concerns of citizens be addressed, before expanding its use in this state.

We believe safe, stable, and affordable housing is a human right, and will work to end homelessness and housing shortages by supporting an increase in public investment to create safe, stable and affordable housing. We support rent control, housing subsidies, and supportive services for renters. Our goal is to eliminate involuntary homelessness. Thus, we support a wide variety of solutions, such as updating housing codes to include unconventional and wheeled housing. We oppose homeless sweeps.

We believe that education is a human right. Education in the United States is modulated in quantity and quality by economic issues. The wealthy have access to some of the best education in the world. However, a society is not measured by how it takes care of those in power, but how it takes care of those on the margins. The American working class lags behind the rich in educational outcomes. One’s access to quality education early in life, long before they have ever made their first paycheck or voted in their first election, will greatly impact them for their entire life. Thus, we support universal pre-K education. We demand that every student, rich or poor, be given the highest quality education available, funded by progressive taxation. We demand tuition-free public colleges and universities, so that one’s economic status does not impact their ability to go to college. We demand that teachers are compensated in a manner befitting their status as educated professionals responsible for one of the most important functions in democratic society. We demand that education is accessible to all people, including those with diverse physical and mental abilities, and thus we demand that every student has the accommodations needed to excel, including but not limited to American Sign Language education. Students who use English as a second language should be provided with education in both English and their first language. Many students rely on school districts for food, and if a student is hungry it impacts their education, and so meals should be provided free of cost, including when school is not in session. School lunch debt should not exist in the wealthiest country on Earth. Guaranteed transportation to and from school is also critical to student success, and should be provided free of cost, regardless of where the student lives. Schools should provide reasonable health services, including mental health services. Classes need to be sized such that teachers can give proper attention to each student both personally and academically. This means hiring more teachers, so that the needs of every student can be met, whether they live in a rural area or in the heart of Seattle. The United States is the richest country in human history, and should lead the world in education, and Washington can lead the United States toward that goal.

We believe that addressing class inequality is key to ending oppression at all levels of society. The United States of America is the wealthiest country in human history, yet millions live in poverty within its borders, while a wealthy elite exerts disproportionate control over all aspects of our lives. Too long has our government been solely geared toward the interests of capital, and we seek to change that by whole-heartedly rejecting moneyed influence. We refuse all corporate contributions. We do not believe corporations are people, or that money is speech. We recognize the economic challenges faced by our communities, and we believe in democratic ownership of the economy. The economy must work for the many, not the few.

We believe that the State of Washington, where many of the wealthiest individuals in history reside, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, should not be the state with the most regressive tax code. Washington needs a progressive tax system where wealthier Washingtonians pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than low to moderate income Washingtonians. We believe in reducing our state’s reliance on sales tax, property tax, and other regressive taxes, and we support implementing a state income tax and a progressive capital gains tax.

We are committed to investing in public safety, with an emphasis on prevention and rehabilitation for incarcerated individuals. We support fair sentencing and bail laws, a reduction in out-of-state incarceration, an end to private prisons, strong safeguards against the disproportionately high incarceration of marginalized groups, and a reduction of incarceration in general. We support restorative justice. We support the creation of elected citizens’ review boards with the power to remove officers from the police force. We also support proper training and continuing education for Law Enforcement Officers in de-escalation. We support the ability of citizens to defend themselves from immediate threats of violence, including but not limited people of color, women, people with disabilities, and queer people.

We believe the government should be fair, transparent, and accountable. We insist on publicly funded elections with comprehensive campaign finance laws. We believe that progress requires participation by people in all communities, workplaces, and schools, and we will work to mobilize citizens at all levels during and between elections.

Diplomacy is the bedrock of a peaceful society. We support our active and veteran military personnel but oppose preemptive and aggressive military action. We also insist that the State and Federal Government honor all treaties and international agreements made in good faith. This means all owed treaty obligations must be delivered in a timely fashion, and that all indigenous people retain the right to learn, teach, and practice their cultures and ways that respect, protect, and fulfill the rights of all people. The State of Washington should recognize all indigenous tribes who have previously signed treaties with the US Government, including but not limited to the Duwamish, and work with tribes to obtain federal recognition where applicable.

We believe the government should work for all people, including the youth. Young people deserve to have their needs met, voices heard, rights respected, and interests represented long before they vote in their first election, or pay their first taxes. Minors are a vulnerable class. They are virtually always at the mercy of factors beyond their control, and it is easy for those in power to ignore them, as they are not voters. Young people, especially historically oppressed and marginalized youth, are often victims of abuse and neglect, including in institutional settings such as public schools. While it is not the government’s place to raise a child, and we support the right of parents to make decisions in areas where their children cannot reasonably be expected to make a decision, such as in the case of very young children, minors should have legal recourse if they sincerely believe their legal guardians are not acting in their best interests, even if their parents’ actions do not fit the legal definition of child abuse. These situations are virtually always complicated and will need to be handled sensitively and on a case-by-case basis. There are many instances where a parent’s decision might need to be upheld, despite a young person’s disagreement. Nevertheless, we believe in protecting the rights of the most vulnerable, and giving a voice to the unheard, and that includes those who are too young to vote.

We acknowledge the United States is on stolen land, and that our current environmental crisis is due to a system built on colonialism and genocide. While many today talk about transitioning toward a new way of thinking about society's relationship to the environment, indigenous people always had a relationship with the environment that focused on sustainability and stewardship, and thus their leadership is both a moral and practical necessity. We support tribal sovereignty, but we also seek input from indigenous people on the governance of the entire State of Washington, not just the lands directly controlled by tribes. Their wisdom and experience will be critical in this time of ecological crisis. We also support state and federal investment in tribal welfare, including social programs for those living on reservations, and trust that indigenous people can articulate their specific needs better than we can. Social programs intended for indigenous people should not be exclusive to reservation communities, all of the land in the State of Washington is indigenous land, and Native Americans should be able to access healthcare and tribal programs whether they choose to live in Neah Bay or Seattle. Last but not least, we demand that nation-to-nation treaties made in good faith be respected, and that the State and Federal Government uphold all treaty obligations.

We believe that protecting the environment contributes to a healthy and vibrant economy. We support sustainable, green industries that protect Washington’s natural beauty and resources, contribute to the greater good, and improve our soils. We support strong land-use planning, wildlife management and conservation, restoration of our waterways, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

We support sustainable alternatives to carbon-based energy. There is simply no way for our global society to persist with the burning of fossil fuels. We believe Washington should lead the nation into the future, and be powered exclusively by safe, clean, and renewable energy sources. Our energy system and utilities should be publicly and locally owned. We support investments and job development in energy conservation and weatherization programs. Every new structure or public works project should be built with sustainability in mind, and existing buildings should be modified to be as sustainable as possible. The state should invest in this, as they would in any other situation where millions of lives are at stake. We also support job retraining and other economic support for those currently employed in carbon-based energy. State investment to update our energy system will create thousands of good-quality jobs for engineers, construction workers, programmers; the very people currently employed in the fossil fuel industry.

We support diversified, sustainable and locally based agriculture. We support farmers’ markets, farm-to-table, and farm-to-school initiatives to ensure that all Washingtonians have access to quality, healthy, and sustainably grown food. We oppose the consolidation of the agricultural sector into the hands of large corporations that deprive farmers of agency and the fruits of their labor. Farmers and agricultural workers feed the world, and have done so for thousands of years, not multinational corporations. Farmers and workers they should be the ones with power over their livelihoods. As with all workers, we urge farmers to band together, organize, and stand up to big business. No family should have to face a government or corporate legal team alone; we are stronger together.

Gun Control/Gun Rights plank

"We support the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Gun violence is a serious threat to public health and safety and strong measures must be taken to address it. Many gun control proposals disproportionately impact historically marginalized communities, especially the poor and disabled. In order to support measures to promote gun safety, we fully support storage systems and training for all gun owners without undue financial burden. We urge dialogue; a majority of Americans support both the right to bear arms and common-sense gun control, and our democracy relies on the ability of people to communicate their differences of opinion. Regardless of how the discussion may play out, we will remain committed to the interests of marginalized communities, the working class, and we will always oppose authoritarianism and bigotry."

We support:

-End the gun show loophole. All gun purchases should be subject to the same background checks.

-Implement a voluntary buyback program to reduce the number of semi-automatic rifles and handguns on the streets. 

-Prohibit the sale and possession of high-capacity magazines and bump stocks. 

-Require firearms safety training to all individuals seeking to own a firearm, to be provided on a sliding fee scale.

-Require all firearms to be sold with trigger locks.

-End all unique legal protections granted for firearms manufacturers. Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which grants firearms manufacturers immunity from most lawsuits, and reverse the Dickey Amendment, which blocks federal funding into researching gun violence. 

-End all unique gun rights granted to police officers. Repeal the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act, which allows Law Enforcement Officers (including retired officers) to carry a concealed weapon. Require officers to store service weapons at their place of work, not at their home. 

-End the 1033 Military Surplus Program that distributes military weapons to the police.   (Created as a part of the 1997 National Defense Authorization Act under Subtitle C – Counter Drug Activities)

-Implement a licensing system for the purchasing of firearms with periodic renewals that require firearms owners to display basic competence prior to purchasing a firearm. There should be no fees or requirements for a license that would place undue financial burden on low-income people who seek to exercise their constitutional right to own a firearm. We suggest a sliding fee scale based on income.

-Revoke licenses for domestic violence, stalking, and violent crime.

-The creation of a statewide database to record the sale, purchase, transfer, theft, or loss of any firearm within Washington state.

-Require gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms within 10 days to local law enforcement.

-The creation of mandatory liability insurance with all gun purchases. If the purchaser doesn’t have insurance coverage, then the manufacturer can offer a point of sales purchase option with discounts for low-income individuals.

-Discounted hunting tags and fishing licenses for low-income citizens, whose income falls within the guidelines for food stamp qualification.

-The expansion of the definition of who qualifies as a disabled person under RCW 77.32.480 for purchasing discounted hunting tags and fishing licenses.

-Hold owners of a firearm liable for crimes committed with said firearm. 

-The creation of a statewide database for the collection of the results of forensic identification of all firearms in the state.

We oppose:

-Any measure that would deny gun rights to individuals who have in the past been convicted of a nonviolent crime. 

-Any measure that would give the government authority to seize the property of law-abiding individuals.